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  • Kitty Licks Cat Treat – 4 x 15g

    Kitty Licks cat snack are formulated by cat nutritionist to support water intake and increase better hydration for all life stage cats.

    This product uses only high quality natural ingredients. No colouring, no preservative and it is intended to be supplemental cat treats only.

    Various flavour to meet even the most fuzzy cats

    Product Information
    Origin: Thailand

    SKU: LK001 (Tuna)
    SKU: LK002 (Chicken)
    SKU: LK003 (Chicken & Tuna)
    SKU: LK004 (Chicken & Liver)
    SKU: LK005 (Tuna & Salmon)
    SKU: LK006 (Tuna & scallop)
    SKU: LK007 (Tuna & Seafood)

    Package Weight: 4 X 15g